Radius is an innovative new concept that was conceived to be the new standard in health and fitness programming. Our client at NBC Universal asked us to help create a graphics package that is refreshing, sophisticated and motivating without the clutter. The creative needed to function for both broadcast as well as digital consumption. It also spawned the creatives for interaction, print and other transmedia experiences.

Radius can be experienced on NBCSN, on the web and download the App on iTunes App Store.


The YES Network came to us, to take charge of their newest venture… The New York City Football Club of the MLS. We were thrilled to get this project… why? We LOVE soccer! We share in the excitement of New York getting the newest MLS franchise – formed by non-other than the sports giants New York Yankees and Manchester City. YES gave us one note… “Soccer is taking over the city.”

Going into the creative… We wanted to play to the strengths of the logo and the colors, staying true to them. The fans definitely needed a voice, and their love and passion needed to be part of this story. New York is known for its stars… and the Stars of NYCFC had to show the high value NYC was getting. New York itself was a big part of the creative, a character if you will, showing the skyline of NYC turning into the NYCFC logo – bonding the city with the great game of soccer.

Showing off the fans’ perspective, keeping it action driven, and delivering the high-energy every sports open needs – we are very proud of a bold final product.


NFL Network has been a long-time partner of Mfactor’s and we have done multiple seasons of in-game promotional trailers for them. This particular season however, we had some unique challenges. NFL Network wanted a very specific cohesive look to promote their franchise this coming Fall. Our task coming in was to capture the flavor of that overall brand, but create a uniqueness to the different properties we are to promote, namely Thursday Night Football, NFLN Game Day, and the all day franchise show, Total Access.

The Thursday Night Football franchise had a unique challenge this season because this was the first year games scheduled for Thursday night would be simulcasted on both CBS and the NFL Network. The look had to connect tightly to two different networks.

The challenge was similar to a menu system that was also on the docket. The NFL negotiated with their network partners to promote all games during the regular season and playoffs in one unified format. This menu system would air on all parties involved. Namely CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN and it’s own NFL Network during commercial break. The challenge was to design a cohesive look that would be able to air on every single partner’s network. With the new menu system, NFL would have the ability to cross promote all games on all channels.


WarDogs is a short story that was created to bring awareness of the staggering statistic that 22 U.S. soldiers commit suicide a day in America due to emotional distress from their time on the battle
field. We were asked to help create the brand, title sequence and end credit for the film. Because of the objective that this film was trying to achieve we went for an unconventional route in our creative approach. We wanted an introduction that is direct, honest and brings the viewer in to feel the pain and struggles of our soldiers back from war. Feelings that some of them endure each day. We achieved this by not focusing so much on the details in visuals, but in the details of their voice and sound. Since sound was the main focal point in the creative, we leveraged that into our visual development as well by suggesting that the sound waves generate abstract imagery to help enhance the overall experience.


YES Network asked us to create a new show package for the new Brooklyn Nets. The Nets took on a bold new image under the leadership of Jay-Z. It was a challenge to have creative input coming from both the content provider & its client. One of the 1st hurdles was to convince the Nets that we needed another color other than the b&w it had for better visual impact for on-air purposes.The other was that we needed to keep the integrity of the Nets brand, but not make it so trendy that the design will not have any staying power. YES was fantastic…they allowed us to explore creative avenues outside of their traditional realm.We pushed our designs to capture Brooklyn’s look, tone & capture the urban renewal of the neighborhood while holding onto its cultural past. We were also inspired by the artistic scene which help steered us to this urban paint theme. The open takes you thru the urban setting of Brooklyn & its iconic structures from 1 players perspective…treating the entire city as its playground.


Mfactor showed up big at this year’s New York Emmy Awards taking home three gold trophies. First up, was the award for Director: Short Form for the YES Network’s “Yankees & Nets Opens.” Next, was the award for Graphic Arts: Graphics/News for the YES Network’s “YES Network Graphics.” And bringing it home for us, the third award was for Graphic Arts: Animation for the YES Network’s “YES Network – Brooklyn Nets.”  There was a unique challenge for the Brooklyn Nets package as we pushed our creative to capture Brooklyn’s look, tone, & essence of the urban renewal, and at the same time keep the integrity of new Nets’ branding created by Jay Z.


The client was Fox Sport Marketing. They were right in the middle of the transitional stage of getting Fox Sport 1, the new 24/7 sports network that was to launch by August 2013.  We first met with them in early 2013, and began the conversations of what exactly we would be doing with this project.  Fox Sports has been a long-time client, and we know how each other likes to dance – which is a good thing.

Fox Sports had a logo design that had been presented in a flat 2D format.  We were charged with bringing it to life for the broadcast environment for in-game, shows, and promos. With the launch date for Fox Sport 1 looming, our strength in this project a simple mantra – “Get It Done.”  So many departments were counting on us to deliver so they could do their jobs and we stepped up and delivered, time and time again to make that launch date.

A PROMAX BDA Bronze was awarded for this campaign, which is always great to be recognized by your fellows in the industry.


When working with a long time client, we have the benefit of knowing, almost intuitively, what direction to take them. This is the case with Fox Sports and the brand package for the launch of FOX Soccer.

A stadium inspired the environment, but the stadium art was so abstract, that the texture was not even present, yet gave you the feel that this was a venue that a “competition” was going to take place. As we presented the teams, we used soccer balls in a coordinated display of one team, one player, even a captain on one side…then, move to other side of the “venue” to present the display of one team, one player, and a captain from the opponent’s side. Creating an “epic battle” feel for the viewer.

Overall, the client was wowed by the combination of product design, environmental feel, and the mechanics of it all. And one final point came from the client… that, the energy never let up in this creative from start to finish.


The project started with a collaboration between Mfactor and feature director, Peter Bick.  Carbon Nation was going to be his biggest undertaking to date, and the timing for it was perfect, as Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth had just won the Oscar for it’s in-depth reporting of “global warming” issues.  Carbon Nation was the proactive response to Inconvenient Truth’s “apocalyptic” view of this subject matter.  This film was to show the viewers how to be part of the solution contribution and possibly be profitable for the cause.

In the end, we produced a third of the film’s content of the two-hour documentary in order to navigate and engage the viewer fully in the film.  And have them understand more deeply the facts that were being presented, staying away from just talking heads and boring b-roll images. Then, and now we consider Carbon Nation just as much our “baby” as the filmmaker.


What sparked our interest in the Unlimited Football project was the idea of having a interactive experience while watching the game on TV. In short, the viewer gets to control the show. The users of Unlimited Football would actually navigate what stats they want to see, bring up information of any player, field conditions, weather, just about anything. We saw this as a unique technology play. The entire Mfactor team had never seen a concept like this before. We had seen NBC Sports do it with camera angles for football but other than that, nothing this detailed with consumer control built in.

Of course we had to wrap all this cool stuff in a brand that was worthy of the technology outlined above. Taking the experience Mfactor has in broadcast and our ability in web experience is how we organized our creative thinking and helped dictate the choices we made in creative, branding, and design of Unlimited Football.


The creative process for Hema spot began with corporate identity… it’s a large European company with stores in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.  More than 300 stores in all.  Yet, nobody knew where the cheese came from, showing transparency to the brand right from the very start of the cheese making process.

We were sure that most customers and a lot of employees thought the cheese came from a big industrial factory.  The Hema executives said over and over again, “No! That is not us.  Our cheese comes from a specialized, warm, family run cheese farm in the west of Holland and is all handmade.”

We told the Hema executives, “We need to tell that story… we need to show that story.”


Mfactor was asked by our friends at NBC Sports Marketing to create a series of lower 3rd animations to help promote their coverage for this years Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Using our American athletes as the focal point we created two themes called “ICE” & “MEDAL” that can best feature the athletes as well as deliver a clear message that the Olympics is coming to NBC. These lower 3rd motion pieces were aired over live events and primetime programs on all NBC Universal/COMCAST owned networks. They acted as a countdown to the opening ceremony. Both ICE and MEDAL garnered top honors at the 2014 PromaxBDA Awards.


This project came to us through our marketing partners at Fox Sports. The marketing department was acting as an agency to provide a service to one of their main advertisers in order to drive awareness during hockey season and hockey games airing on Fox Sports.

We created a unique :30 spot that conveyed the breaking news headline that ANA was going to be the first airline in the world to use the new cutting edge Boeing 787 Dreamliner in full service. The news broke fast, at that was our first challenge – lack of time to get this spot done in order to capitalize on the partnership between Boeing and ANA. The other challenge, develop a story and creative designs strong enough for the average hockey fan to buy into the ad, even though we were not allowed to use any NHL logos, branding, or players in this spot.

The challenge was met, as we took on full production of the spot from co-writing the script, art direction, VO, sound design, video production, and postproduction.

The unique factor in this spot was to swiftly create brand awareness for ANA to the U.S. market, that prior had been uncharted waters. We jumped in feet first and rode the coat tails of hockey season and hockey programming to give the television audience the feel of something real.


The goal of the Xoom project was to convey in a very short manner that is the easiest and safest service to use for money transfer. The Xoom team asked us to convey that message in New York’s Times Square, one of the busiest media buys in the world.

The Xoom team gave us some guidelines; they wanted vibrant colors, lots of moment, make sure to stay with the brand, and above all, provide simple storytelling.

We came up with a creative that allowed the US Dollar, and its iconic look, to be the catalyst of our piece. The digital dollars we created, piled in large piles to convey stability, would travel from America to around the world and land in places like India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Thus, in 30 seconds we had created a global spot for the global demographic that walks through Times Square 24/7.
The tagline we came up, real simple and the truth: “The Easiest Way to Send Money to 30 Countries.”

Having the use of Times Square as our platform was a challenge with all the distractions/noise, but we were up to the challenge. We created a specific moment in our “30 second spot” showing money flying through the air from on side of Times Square to the other and arriving safely in countries half a world away – driving home the Xoom’s brand message…
Xoom – The easiest way to send money to 30 countries.


Fox Sports Marketing challenged us to create a new in-game package to promote the Nascar 2013 season on Fox. Our major challenge was to develop a design that not only needs to compliment the interface theme which the show package incorporates, but to also take on it’s only unique life and treatment. A blend of dramatic cinematic approach with an injection of future technology was needed to complete the task. The graphic interface not only needed to serve as a sophisticated outlook for the NASCAR image, but also serve as a modular promotional tool that can be utilized in promoting single/multiple event scenarios. This package consists of Full Screen, Side Menu and Elevator. This package garnered top honors at 2014 PromaxBDA North American Awards.


Our client, the Fox Sports marketing department came to us to create a one of kind promo toolkit supporting :15’s and :30’s to promote various MLB teams. The concept needed to drive home individual looks for 10 to 15 team in markets with Fox Sports O/O’s – like Detroit, St. Louis, and Anaheim to name a few.

Even though the concept was one idea, the look of each had to be customized for the fans of individual MLB team and Fox Sports really desired to make sure the package had the “feel of the hometown team.”
“Dugout” is what we came up with. Everything starts in the dugout; the lineup card, bats, gloves, balls, strategy, and it’s the one spot where the entire team gathers. To create the dugout… we “created” a real dugout in our Venice based studio. We shot the live environment in macro and designed the details for each individual team to create a branded promo package for those in the 10 to 15 MLB markets using this tool kits.

We also co-branded with the band Switchfoot and their song “Dark Horses” within the creative that actually worked.

Fox Sports marketing also used this creative package across multiple platforms within print, outdoor, and web to further their marketing efforts.


The goal for this promo campaign was to get the Pac-10 Conference to higher level of visibility on the national stage regarding their athletic programs. Fox Sports had the desire to please the Pac-10 in order to keep the broadcast rights for the conference. Fox Sports and Mfactor came up with a campaign to showcase famous alumni from all 10 schools in the conference. Really driving home that the “Pac-10 is the most accomplished conference in all sports,” not just football.

The theme of the promos would be a personal statement from athletes like Marcus Allen from USC, Tiger Woods from Stanford, and Aaron Rodgers from Cal along with coaches Mike Reilly and Pete Carroll that their experience in the Pac-10 was second to none. Also on tap, was tying them all together in a united message to support the efforts all 10 universities and their respective athletic programs. A total of 6 promos were created with names of: Legend, Dominance, Hero, West Coast, Passion, and Champion.


NBC’s in house agency came to us with their desire to create a new branded in flight entertainment package for American Airlines. We were thrilled at the chance to work with two great companies like NBC and American Airlines, Mfactor team members felt they knew both brands well having flown a lot and having watched tons of Must See TV over the years.

NBC made some key points going into the project; display all NBC Universal brands, show content in preview, and provide clear information to the air traveler.

The inspiration came from the experience any traveler goes through during the process of flying on an airline. Components of baggage claims, luggage, tickets, and endless TV monitors became signature looks throughout this branding package.

We are very proud of this project, as it has stood the test of time, still found on all American Airlines flights today some 4½ years later. Most important, we full-filled our clients wishes with a new creative that provided information to the end user, content within the package, and branding of all properties in a non-cluttered manner.