Through an existing client and venture capital firm Sequoia, the leaders of the startup fitness company, Elysium, came to us last fall to produce their corporate video as the centerpiece for their product launch in 2015.

Still in early stage development of the product line, Elysium wanted a video that conveyed three things… Brand Awareness, The High-level Team, and the Breakthrough Technology that makes Elysium and their products so unique to the marketplace.

We achieved this by getting on campus at MIT, Harvard, and Columbia University to “show” the credentials behind the product and the high-level team that backs the product in their academic environments.

The client was instrumental in providing the facts and data to drive the narrative of their mission statement and clarify their initial message in what will be a series of videos for Elysium.

The images and graphics in the video, found on the company’s homepage, carried more weight as a potential consumer, investor, or even a passerby got clear and informative content on Elysium the company, the team, and the product.


The Bloomberg sales team needed a tool to showcase to their advertisers that what they do so well in the broadcast space could be replicated online through a high end website. Our creative team had the background in web design, front end and back end coding. The Bloomberg people were open to just about anything in terms of design, functionality, and user interface – we blew them away with our pitch. Our design matched their sales efforts, the site was programmed with original code, and the CMS was easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Just when we thought we hit a homerun, Bloomberg as whole decided to go through a whole new rebranding. We dove back into the project and set up some key points for the Bloomberg people to do the following on the new rebranded site: showcase current work, update work as often as needed, and create multi-level access points from admins, to sales force, as well as client portals.


This project was about creating assets for a golf tournament which would benefit CHOC’s ( Children’s Hospital of Orange County ) cancer research program.  There was no name for the event yet and Mfactor was brought in right from the beginning.  Immediately we felt that a variation of “Endless Summer” was a great name choice for several reasons. Given the time of the year the event took place, which was in late August, it seemed apropos.  Also the name created a window to expand the property if desired from just a single event.  Lastly, there was name recognition from the iconic motion picture Endless Summer. 

The final name for the event became… The Endless Summer Invitational.

This “brand” that we created was peppered throughout multiple platforms: a website, print, sales decks, social media, signage, and even branded clothing.  The website for the event was the key marketing platform as it managed information, registration, and sponsorship materials. was built with a robust database / CMS for event organizers to access and manage.  As the project grew in scale, the Mfactor team even developed a Television Show Package for KDOC Channel 56, who aired the event.

The “creative look” for the brand started with the logo… which was a silhouette of the golfer and the sun behind him… and type face to match.  This silhouette of the golfer was a clear homage to Endless Summer the film. and Southern California. We were going after a target market that grew up with the film (and maybe surfers) who were now successful business people who played golf.


The Cut Away Car was a discovery project for Mfactor.  We were on a first-time journey to create a concept that had not been done before, we were going to take the viewer into the actual race car NASCAR uses from A to Z, using a highly detailed diagnostic blowout CG. The final rendered product would show fans every valve, piston, spark plug, and even the crank shaft

We knew NASCAR, as we helped launch NASCAR on Fox as well as the SPEED Channel.  This was strictly a digital project.  We were to create a micro-site that was sticky for car lovers and NASCAR fans to visit to repeatedly.

We took the creative lead on the project, including creative direction, production, and animation.

The final product was a highly engaged micro site for the SPEED Channel that would allow fans to interact with the Cut Away Car over and over again, creating a much richer experience for the user.

We went through three re-designs during this project, the last time was the most challenging redo all the cars.  As we were on the last round, NASCAR and the “real race cars” went through a major overhaul in design, so now our 3D renderings of the race cars had to match the re-design coming in from NASCAR.

The project took 4 months to produce, code, and integrate the highly detailed 3D animations we created from scratch.  Yes, the models for these cars did not exist at the time of this project, we had to create from scratch, with every little detail coming from the Mfactor team.


Our job with high-end corporate clients is to translate their thoughts, their philosophies, and their business practices into images.  Much of that material comes from two camps, Sales and Marketing.  This project was for internal use across all global offices. The intent was to drive home that despite different services, agendas, and languages – we as members of ING are one.

We Are One became the overriding message in this spot.  It was a huge success for us in the eyes of the ING executive team.


What sparked our interest in the Unlimited Football project was the idea of having a interactive experience while watching the game on TV. In short, the viewer gets to control the show. The users of Unlimited Football would actually navigate what stats they want to see, bring up information of any player, field conditions, weather, just about anything. We saw this as a unique technology play. The entire Mfactor team had never seen a concept like this before. We had seen NBC Sports do it with camera angles for football but other than that, nothing this detailed with consumer control built in.

Of course we had to wrap all this cool stuff in a brand that was worthy of the technology outlined above. Taking the experience Mfactor has in broadcast and our ability in web experience is how we organized our creative thinking and helped dictate the choices we made in creative, branding, and design of Unlimited Football.


The creative process for Hema spot began with corporate identity… it’s a large European company with stores in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.  More than 300 stores in all.  Yet, nobody knew where the cheese came from, showing transparency to the brand right from the very start of the cheese making process.

We were sure that most customers and a lot of employees thought the cheese came from a big industrial factory.  The Hema executives said over and over again, “No! That is not us.  Our cheese comes from a specialized, warm, family run cheese farm in the west of Holland and is all handmade.”

We told the Hema executives, “We need to tell that story… we need to show that story.”


The goal of the Xoom project was to convey in a very short manner that is the easiest and safest service to use for money transfer. The Xoom team asked us to convey that message in New York’s Times Square, one of the busiest media buys in the world.

The Xoom team gave us some guidelines; they wanted vibrant colors, lots of moment, make sure to stay with the brand, and above all, provide simple storytelling.

We came up with a creative that allowed the US Dollar, and its iconic look, to be the catalyst of our piece. The digital dollars we created, piled in large piles to convey stability, would travel from America to around the world and land in places like India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Thus, in 30 seconds we had created a global spot for the global demographic that walks through Times Square 24/7.
The tagline we came up, real simple and the truth: “The Easiest Way to Send Money to 30 Countries.”

Having the use of Times Square as our platform was a challenge with all the distractions/noise, but we were up to the challenge. We created a specific moment in our “30 second spot” showing money flying through the air from on side of Times Square to the other and arriving safely in countries half a world away – driving home the Xoom’s brand message…
Xoom – The easiest way to send money to 30 countries.


Philips thought of a product, which could help online investors control their emotions while trading.  Their thinking… If you have too many emotions, you can make wrong decisions with your investing.  Philips and ABN bank came up with a device that would allow investors to pause, slow down, and in doing so eventually see their trading actions.  Hence, the creation of the “Rationalizer”.

The irony of the spot is the actual product was not even available. So we had to create a product that would look into the future on how an online investor’s life would change with this “Rationalizer”. They loved it.

This was an international spot in every way.  We shot in Amsterdam, VO was in English, you see CNN, and we had to find a character that had to have global appeal – more so, an actor you could believe.