Spot Within A Spot is our marquee piece of media to market ourselves to current and prospective clients. The motivation to create this spot was to answer the question by many… “Do you produce :60 spots?” We certainly do. But a lot of people do that! We wanted to show off our capabilities, our studio, and most important Mfactor’s A-Team – but, do it in a way that was unique… dare we say, risk taking.
The creative started with a challenge from one our clients, to prove to them we could do a “unique” commercial spot for them. The concept grew from the simplest idea of “show and tell” so that you could see “us” Mfactor at work. So, here is “our commercial,” or what we like to call, a Spot Within A Spot.

And one last thing… it was done all in one take.


The goal for this promo campaign was to get the Pac-10 Conference to higher level of visibility on the national stage regarding their athletic programs. Fox Sports had the desire to please the Pac-10 in order to keep the broadcast rights for the conference. Fox Sports and Mfactor came up with a campaign to showcase famous alumni from all 10 schools in the conference. Really driving home that the “Pac-10 is the most accomplished conference in all sports,” not just football.

The theme of the promos would be a personal statement from athletes like Marcus Allen from USC, Tiger Woods from Stanford, and Aaron Rodgers from Cal along with coaches Mike Reilly and Pete Carroll that their experience in the Pac-10 was second to none. Also on tap, was tying them all together in a united message to support the efforts all 10 universities and their respective athletic programs. A total of 6 promos were created with names of: Legend, Dominance, Hero, West Coast, Passion, and Champion.

The challenge from a production standpoint was to accomplish this with the biggest of names and fit a limited budget. Much of budget was put in to traveling all over this great country of ours. Outfitted with a skeleton, but talented crew setting up green screens in fancy hotel rooms, house garages in swamps of Florida, and even a barn in Louisiana. We were able to get a consistent look needed for this project. We were also able to play host to a number of the big names at our own production studio in Venice. We would bend over backwards to make each shoot work as the celebrities were all donating their time.


We have been trusted with some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and gaming to capture their live event.  That is all you have to say, trust and live event.  In truth, when shooting a live event, you only get one shot at it – and we pride ourselves on knowing what to do before the event, during the event, and most important, if something goes wrong.

The Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Dodgers, and the NFL among others trusted us to cover events this past year for high profile All-Access events with fans.  VarietyING, and Pokémon have done the same for field production in their corporate videos. In ordered to garner that trust, we have the skill set in house to produce, direct and edit the final video to help promote their brand further.  Many times the videos we produce reside on the main company website and are scattered throughout their social media platforms.

We get asked to do this type of live event production along with field production for corporate videos time and time again, by the same clients.  We have a deep understanding on cameras, sound, field lighting, logistics, global travel, and client relations.